Large-diameter pipes in fabulous dimensions

We manufacture pipes with diameters of up to 177 inches, lengths of up to 1500 inches, wall thicknesses of up to 4.13 inches – and do so in many different grades of material.

Nearly every size is infinitely variable. We are a reliable quality partner for your individual applications.

Pre-fabrication, further processing, specific machining of pipe ends or pipe profiling for precise mitre cuts and cut-outs – when it comes to the highest possible quality, we know no bounds.

Products / Services:

  • Large-diameter pipes SAW longitudinal and circumferential welded
  • Pipes made of carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Conical pipes
  • Pipe profiling

in every dimension

esta rohr has years of experience in bending. Cold forming is carried out on state-of-the-art bending machines, which manufacture products in unparalleled quality. This allows us to produce diameters of up to 177 inches.

Various diameters are produced, e.g. for masts, chimneys, shell courses and pipelines, as well as pipes for steel constructions. Components for offshore wind farms and crane constructions are also part of our portfolio.


Wall thicknesses
of up to 4.13 inches

Different applications require the production of pipes in various wall thicknesses. That‘s why esta rohr offers a wide range of thicknesses from 0.2 to 4.13 inches, which can be cold-formed on three- and four-roll bending machines.

Unique pipes are thus developed and used in vessel and steel construction, as well as the chemical industry, for instance. Pipes with extremely high wall thicknesses can also be utilised as driven piles.

Single pipe lengths
of up to 38 meters

If you have exacting demands when it comes to the straightness of your pipes, we have the perfect solution. esta rohr produces pipes in lengths of up to 38 meters. The longer the pipes, the less welding required on site. Perfect straightness is guaranteed, no matter how long the pipes are.

Power stations, pipelines, shell courses or chimneys – length coupled with consistent performance is our speciality.


Wide array of materials
in the highest quality

From high temperature down to low temperature grades – everything is possible! Are you looking for premium quality pipes for a highly demanding environment? We process grades for diverse applications. And needless to say, weather-resistant grades are also part of our product range.

Gleaming pipes made of stainless steel

Do you need steel pipes for other applications or does a special case require the use of specific materials? 

In addition to our core business, the production of large-diameter pipes made of carbon steel, we also manufacture stainless steel pipes in fabulous dimensions – as precisely and reliably as you would expect from esta rohr.

Your pipes cut perfectly in fabulous dimensions!

Thanks to our ultra-modern 3D CNC pipe profiling system, it is possible for us to furnish pipes with precise mitre cuts and cut-outs in a multitude of different shapes. 

At the same time, we guarantee the perfect conditions for fast fittings and minimum weld volumes to support your subsequent processing in the best possible way. Just like our pipe production, it is the fabulous dimensions in particular that offer you so many possibilities when it comes to machining.

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